Hotel and restaurant in Scopello with views of the stacks

A sequence of fortunate events, the element of chance, and a sprinkle of enchantment: these are the core components of Hotel Torre Bennistra's history. This family-run hotel and restaurant, nestled in the quaint village of Scopello, emerged in the splendid 1960s, offering a distinctive hospitality that captures the essence of feeling at home, even while on holiday.

Hotel Torre Bennistra was the first rudimentary accommodation in Scopello, born from the desire to welcome the curious traveler and the most authentic Sicilian culinary tradition.


Lucia Costa Lentini

Ancient recipes are passed down from generation to generation, woven into the fabric of a story both ordinary and extraordinary, featuring Lucia Lentini. She has transformed the generous and spontaneous hospitality inherent in her kind and open nature into the refined art of welcoming travelers with simplicity and dedication.

Lucia Lentini, who was forty years old at the time and is now the matriarch of Hotel Torre Bennistra, pioneered a form of hospitality that blends tradition with modernity. This was made possible with the support of her husband, children, and grandchildren: three generations that have, over time and with dedication, enhanced the image and essence of this place that gazes upon the azure waters of Scopello.


A tale that endures, bridging tradition and innovation

It all started serendipitously in 1965, in Lucia Costa's workshop. She was the most resourceful woman in the small mountain village of Scopello, which is now a summer retreat of legendary allure and an iconic symbol of global tourism.
Lucia, amidst a setting of sparse houses, open land, and a modest church, without the convenience of electric light, encountered tourists daily. These were adventurers and explorers, travelers drawn to her workshop by the irresistible aroma of her tomato pasta. When asked, "Where can we eat?" she would reply with delight, "Come in! Sit down, and join our table!"

From a small gesture of cordial welcome to foreigners, an entrepreneurial mentality was born in her. Lucia decided to open a kitchen for tourists, offering meals at a modest price. Subsequently, she created accommodations on the upper floor with just a few modest rooms, followed by a small bakery, and so on... building her dream, one brick at a time.


The heritage of Nonna Lucia Lentini

Today, Grandmother Lucia remains the historic figure who enlivens the hotel, serving as a bridge between the past and present. You'll find her at the entrance, amidst the aromas of caponata wafting from the kitchen, and in the welcoming rooms adorned with objects woven from dwarf palm. She is a living lesson for her children, Nino and Pina, and for the new generation of the Lentini family, safeguarding the secrets of "living from the past" that turn the present into a resource for the future.
Hotel Torre Bennistra stands today as a family-run hotel and restaurant characterized by elegant simplicity, where guests are immediately enveloped in a romantic and gentle light, surrounded by green kentias, vases of roses picked from the garden, and family mementos. Yet, it is the restaurant's magnificent terraces, dedicated to breakfast, that will astonish you, rendering you speechless amidst the breathtaking seascape of Scopello, the verdure of the Zingaro Reserve, and the grandeur of the Faraglioni.
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